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Dr. Colbert's Prescription for Skin

Dr. David Colbert debuted his eponymous line of skincare last week to a slew of editors at his NYC HQ: The New York Dermatology Group. Colbert described his line, Colbert MD Skincare, as a targeted “prescription” that offers the ideal “diet needed for healthy, radiant skin.”


The four SKUs in Colbert MD Skincare offer three essential products to be used “once a day, every day” as well as a weekly “wake-up call.” The formulations use QuoSome Technology, a delivery system derived from area of anesthesiology that Colbert refers to as a molecular “Trojan Horse” delivering antioxidants, peptides, and glycolic acid deep into the skin.

Other star ingredients in the line include Tremella mushroom extract in the day cream, Nutrify and Protect. The ingredient is derived from the Snow Mushroom, said to offer a natural source of hyaluronic acid.  Heal & Soothe, the line’s night solution includes Purified Angelica Sinesis, said to have anti-inflammatory and healing qualities. The Serum, used either morning or evening under the moisturizer, has the anti-oxidant Coffee Arabica amongst other key ingredients. The weekly secret weapons - Intensify facial discs - use Bromelain, lactic acid, and Glucosamine to mimic microdermabrasion .

Colbert is the founder of The New York Dermatology Group and author of The High School Reunion Diet, a nutritional prescription for great skin and optimum health, written in a refreshingly wry and witty tone.

Colbert MD Skincare will be available at Barneys in the end of March. The line ranges from $48.00 to $125.00.




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