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Lush Cosmetics Launches Colour Supplements


Beauty bloggers gathered at the Lush boutique in New York's Union Square on Wednesday evening to support the vegan bath and body brands move into color cosmetics.  Vegan food and delicious vegan cupcakes were served as the media was color matched with the new product.


Lush makeup artists were on hand to help each blogger chose the right serum and moisturizer for their skin type before picking a Colour  Supplement.  “Cosmetics can’t do their job properly without a prepared canvas,” commented makeup artist, Sasha Grossman.

The Coulor Supplements are unique because unlike a typical foundation, tinted moisturizer or concealer, you can use them as you wish.  Free of mineral oil, they’re composed of soya oil and bran oil, which don’t congest the skin.  Lush Colour Supplements are available in four shades and can be found in boutiques and at www.lushusa.com for $13.95.




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